What is Antalya like for tourists?

Antalya is located on the southern coast of Turkey which acts as a gateway to Turkey's southern Mediterranean region. It is famous for its pristine beaches and traditional Turkish culture. Most hotels and resorts offer modern amenities which has made the destination popular with tourists, specially families as a holiday destination.

What makes Turkey a popular tourist destination?

Turkey offers a combination of oustanding cultural & historical sites, great food, natural beauty & landscape and Istanbul acts as a great aviation hub which has made the country it into a top tourist destination in the world.

How long is a direct flight from London to British Virgin Islands (BVI)?

For a non-stop, direct flight from London to British Virgin Islands (BVI), the average flight time is around 8 hours and 47 minutes. The distance between London and British Virgin Islands (BVI) is about 4,142 miles or 6,700 kilometers. United Kingdom is 4 hours ahead of the British Virgin Islands (BVI).